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Deputy Grading Inspections

for the City of Los Angeles

Deputy Grading Inspections are Typically Required within the City of Los Angeles on the Following Projects:

  • Temporary Shoring
  • A,B,C Slot Cut Methods for Retaining Wall Construction
  • Performing a Cut or Construction of a Building at the Property Line
  • Driven Pile Placement
  • Tie Back Retaining Walls
  • Construction of slopes steeper than 2:1 (horizontal to vertical)
  • Jobs where the City of Los Angeles has specifically Requested that a Deputy Grading Inspector be present at all times during grading. 

A Deputy Grading Inspector is required by the City of Los Angeles to ensure that the work performed is in compliance with the current building code.  Duties of the Deputy Grading Inspector typically involve continuously monitoring construction activities onsite to verify the work performed is being conducted per the grading/shoring plans, soils and geology reports, and approval letters. 

At Bay City Geology, all our Deputy Grading Inspectors are experienced Licensed Engineering Geologists or Geotechnical Engineers.  We have developed a professional and respected relationship with many of the City of Los Angeles Building Inspectors.  We know the grading and construction methods that are required and approved by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Building and Safety.  Our Deputy Grading Inspectors will work with your contractors to anticipate and mitigate problems before they happen, reducing the risk associated with improper grading and construction, which can result in costly fines and project delays.

Deputy Grading Inspector