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Geology and Soils Reports:

Fees for Geology & Soils reports for submittal to governing agencies to obtain building permits varies depending on project scope.  Geology and Soils Investigations requiring subsurface explorations and sample collection, laboratory testing, foundation recommendations, stability analysis, and specific recommendations for project design typically range from $6,000 and up.   Final report is completed approximately 3 to 4 weeks following fieldwork.  Email us for a proposal.


Escrow Geologic Reports:

Fees for Geological Escrow Reports are $1,400.  Report is emailed to client typically within 1 day following inspection. 

Construction Observation Rates:

Two (2) hour minimum fee for Construction Observations.  Site observations include travel time portal to portal from our office.  Hourly rates include all equipment.


Continuous Deputy Grading Observations 


Grading Observations (Compaction,

Retaining Wall Backdrain, and Bottoms)


 Pool Bottom Observations


 Foundation (Footings, Caissons, Piles) Observations


 Meetings with Licensed Geologist or Soils Engineer



Fees as of January 2023