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Bay City Geology, Inc.
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- Jonathan Miller -
Principal Engineering Geologist
Geology and Soil Report

Bay City Geology, Inc. is a geology and soils firm providing geology and soils reports for submittal to government agencies for building permits and to design consultants for construction intent.  We also provide escrow geology reports for prospective home buyers.  Competitive Prices and Rapid Turnaround to Receive Report. 


We are licensed engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers.  Our geology and soils reports will provide foundation recommendations and slope stability analysis for your hillside development project.  We also specialize in liquefaction analysis for sites located within mapped liquefaction zones.  Bay City Geology, Inc. is committed to providing cost effective geotechnical recommendations tailored for each specific project. 


Specializing in new constructionroom additionsseismic fault investigations, liquefaction analysis, retaining wall investigations, landslide repair, and distressed dwelling foundation investigations.  Also providing deputy grading observations for the City of Los Angeles.