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Jonathan S. Miller  PG, CEG
Principal Engineering Geologist

Since 1997, I have been actively working in the field of engineering geology and geotechnical engineering within Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  I am extremely familiar with the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding areas.  

I'm very confident working within complex geologic areas (ie Malibu, Topanga, and Los Angeles) that consist of landslides and active faulting.  These require detailed downhole logging of deep borings and/or detailed seismic trench logging.  I'm also skilled in flat-land liquefaction studies and subsurface explorations. 

Throughout my career, my dedication to professionalism has produced well-developed communication skills with clients, architects, government agencies, contractors, and consultants.

My insatiable desire to expand my geologic knowledge never ceases.  I stay current with professional and academic publications and I often attend organized field trips and meetings within the profession.

History has always been an interest of mine.  As a native of Los Angeles, born and raised, I'm aware of the how the topography and geology dictates the cultural and infrastructure development of the western United States and of California.  I continually research literature, historic photos and maps, which help further my understanding of the development of southern California.  I have found that understanding the past, leads to well-thought out decisions in the present, which promotes positive advancement towards the future. 


Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, California State University, Northridge, August, 1997.

CEG 2391 (Certified California Engineering Geologist)
PG 7670 (Registered Professional Geologist)
City of Los Angeles, Deputy Grading Inspector, (License #: P028902)

Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG)
The Geologic Society of America (GSA)